Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Taking chances (Keane) 255

I'm not quite sure why I picked up Taking chances in a charity shop, except that it was a VMC for my collection and it was cheap. My previous experience with Molly Keane hadn't been hugely enjoyable, but I'm glad that I did get this one as it gave me the chance to give her another go, and I quite liked this one.

The book is set in Ireland in Sorristown, a large country house in the early 20th century where the siblings Roguey, Maeve and Jer have lived together since the death of their parents. We meet them a week before Maeve is due to marry Rowley, a neighbouring squire, and leave the home. The situation is unsettled when Jer's friend Mary arrives to be Maeve's bridesmaid and quite literally turns the lives of the other four upside down over the next week, with consequences rippling into the next year.

Two Virago copies - my charity shop purchase was the second more recent one.


  1. I love Molly Keane, but admit she can be a bit patchy, when she's at her best she's great though

  2. Have you read Good Behaviour? The funny thing is I didn't like it after reading it but it kind of grew on me afterwards. I later realised it was actually a very well-crafted novel. I'm looking forward to your review of it.

  3. For a long time I thought I didn't like Molly Keane, but then I read The Rising Tide and was so impressed. As desperate Reader says, she is patchy, and i also think she's an author you have to be in the right mood for and space the books out.

  4. I have no green Viragos so I cannot comment on the authors you post, but just want to let you know that I enjoy reading about them on your blog/s. I also love seeing the different covers for the same title. That second cover above is gorgeous.

  5. Hi everyone - I'm interested in the idea that Keane can be patchy - that makes me feel better about theexperiences I have had with her before.

    Mrs B - no, have yet to read Good Behaviour.

    Jane - I might have to try The rising tide as my next Keane.

    Claire - admiring the covers is a big part of this project for me I think!

  6. I have loved every Molly Keane I've read - my favourite being The Rising Tide - but I have also heard that some aren't as good as her others. I love the second cover - the first one is a bit drab don't you think?!