Saturday, 12 December 2009

New acquisition

Well, the book buying ban is over, and although I have well and truly broken it, I have yet to buy another Virago Modern Classic. However, I do have an acquisition to share with you, as Catherine, who reads this blog, very kindly sent me a spare copy of The passion of New Eve by Angela Carter. I read my first Angela Carter book earlier this year and look forward to reading this, probably in early 2010.

Thank you very much Catherine!


  1. How lovely of Catherine!

    I'm not sure what you will think of The Passion of New Eve as it is bizarre, to say the very least. I, of course, love it.

  2. I recently bought this, and then took it home to read. Mum took it off me, and i haven't seen it since.

    Hope you enjoy it though, and I'm off to fire off an email to my mother.

  3. I love Angela Carter but I haven't read this one. Maybe I'll be inspired to take it off the shelf. I don't have the Virago, though. What a nice cover!