Tuesday, 8 December 2009

No place on earth (Wolf) 398

Whilst I have encountered some wonderful books along the way, there have been others that I have just struggled to get into (such as The lifted veil). I'm afraid No place on earth fell into that category.

It is the tale of an encounter in 1804 between the poet Karoline von Gunderrode and writer Heinrich von Kleist, utilising letters which they wrote. But, I just couldn't identify with it - I didn't really like the writing style, and just wasn't absorbed by the plot. Thank goodness it was a skinny one!

This title was just published the once by Virago. There are three more Christa Wolf VMCs, and I own A model childhood, but I have to say I'm not looking forward to reading them very much. Perhaps some of the others are better - has anyone else read any Christa Wolf?


  1. I've got a few to read, I have a friend who swears by her which made me pick them up but must admit they havn't tempted me yet.

  2. I started The Quest for Christa T, but I very quickly stopped again. I'm sure there's something there, but it wasn't speaking to me.

  3. I've never read her but I do encounter those Virago duds once in a while. I find they put me into a Virago reading slump and I'm hard pressed to pick up another one. You need a riveting Virago for your next read!

  4. Hayley - I wasn't tempted but I needed to give it a go.

    Jane - that was what I felt about this one!

    Mrs B - I have had some riveting reads since, so don't worry (reviews a bit out of sync with reading!)

  5. I'm so surprised by the negativity to a writer as masterful and esteemed as Christa Wolf. You should indeed give A Model Childhood & The Quest for Christa T a go. The writing is superb and I would put The Quest in my Top 10 Reads --- a very moving meditation on friendship and loss.

  6. Thanks Dale for your comment - I'm glad to hear that the other ones are worth giving a go. I shall definiutely try them as I continue with my challenge.