Saturday, 29 August 2009

This week's acquisitions

I had a slightly grumpy end of last week and ended up cheering myself up with ordering some VMCs from the internet which have been arriving in the last couple of days. I also made a trip to the Oxfam bookshop in Thame and to Foyles in London. Here's what I've got...

* Heartburn : I bought this when I went to Foyles with Paperback Reader on Wednesday. I was desperate for a Foyles bag, and ended up getting four books (the others weren't VMCs). We had lots of fun trying to spot the VMCs (I was disappointed that they didn't have any Von Arnims) and this was the one I treated myself too. I read it on the train on the way home so will review it soon!
* The Bondswoman's narrative (not pictured)
* The pillion rider (Elisabeth Rusell Taylor - yet another Eliz Taylor!)
* All of us there (Devlin)
* Mary Olivier: a life (Sinclair)
* Manhattan when I was young (Cantwell)
* Nobody's business (Gilliat)
* The gentlewoman (Talbot)

A nice mix of Green and new covers!

And then I popped into Oxfam, after writing this post and picked up two more:
* The professor's house (Cather)
* No place on earth (Wolf)
Here they are waiting for me to put them onto

Am having a bit of a rest from VMCs while I'm on holiday but hope to get on with these when I get back!

PS: I re-wrote this post, after going to Oxfam, and then went out to the shops. I thought the postman had been, but he'd also left a pile of packages outside, and three more had arrived. He.

* Barren ground (Glasgow)
* For love alone (Stead)
* Mary O'Grady (Lavin)
These last three were all from ebay for 1.99 including postage and look fascinating! Quite large volumes though...


  1. Quite the collection!

    I am very much looking forward to your review of Heartburn as I seem to have had my copy for ever.

  2. What a nice variey. I hope they cheered you up! Book buying does wonders for me when I'm grumpy :)