Saturday, 8 August 2009

Latest acquisitions

Saturdays seem like a good time for making a VVV post that is not a review, so I plan occasionally on a Saturday to post pictures of recent additions to my VMC collection. I seem to have done rather well in the last week as you can see below.

I picked up a copy of Elizabeth and her German garden (von Arnim) along with The weather on the streets (Lehmann) from ebay. I love the latest editions of von Arnim that Virago are bringing out, so I intend to acquire the other two titles with this cover fairly soon. And I have a copy of Invitation to the waltz in the same edition as the copy of The weather here.

I then picked up Lettice Cooper's Fenny, because I have a friend called Fenny, Miles Franklin's My career goes bung, because it seems like a much more entertaining title than My brilliant career which I already own, and The wind changes by Manning, because when I've read that I'll have read all of the Manning VMCs, and can tick another author off my list. Two wedding themed books on the bottom - I got the Dorothy West, new, from with a 10% offer, and I picked up Cassandra at the Wedding which I reviewed recently, as a library throw-out - it was only 20p!!

I've also picked up three VMCs from the library this week. I found the Nina Bawden on the shelf, ordered the Stevie Smith from their headquarters (last Stevie Smith to read for the challenge), and the one at the bottom with the inter-library-loan slip at the top is Barbara Comyns, Who was changed and who was dead.

I shall no doubt be getting on with some of these in the next week, especially the Comyns and Smith which will need to be returned before my big holiday at the end of the month - 10 days away, I can't wait!


  1. Great haul!

    You are moving through authors quite quickly, which is good.

    I love the Lehmann covers and have some of the modern ones.

    I think the Miles Franklin is a sequel to My [insert adjective here] career. I realised that after I bought the one you have.

    I have The Wedding too and really must read some of my wedding themed titles at some point.

  2. In fact that was already out of date by the time it posted...I had two more books and now have another two now that I've got home.

    Yes, I have My brilliant career. I will read it first. When I get a brilliant job perhaps!