Saturday, 20 February 2010

This week's acquisitions

A final splurge ahead of lenten frugality saw me on Ebay picking up some cheap VMCs...
Familiar passions (Bawden)
Miss Herbert (Christina Stead)
Cindie (Jean Devanny)
Painted clay (Boake)
A Saturday life (Radclyffe Hall)
Cotter's England (Christina Stead).
I've been wanting to read Familiar Passions for ages, so this is exciting. And A Saturday life should be a good read too. Painted clay and Cindie both sounded interesting, and I've enjoyed most of the Christina Stead books that I've read before.

I did also treat myself to the lovely 30th anniversary hardback edition of Valley of the Dolls; I've been wanting to read it for a while, and I only have 2 other of the hardbacks so thought this would make a nice addition.

Anyway, let's see how many of these I can get through before the end of Lent!!!!!


  1. Great acquisitions! The Valley of the Dolls in the hardback edition does make a wonderful addition; I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm starting to feel that I NEED the set of VMC 30 Hardbacks...

  3. I understand the NEED ;). I have 5/8 and 2 of the other three in other editions that I couldn't justify the hardback.

  4. Valley of the Dolls was one of those books kids had to 'cover the covers' so Moms wouldn't know what we were reading ;-)

  5. Hehe, I remember doing that with books sometimes. Mainly Judy Blume which I felt mum wouldn't approve of.

  6. A Saturday Life is one of my favorite Viragos. It's funny and quirky.

  7. I've not come across a single Virago in ages. I'm secretly envious of your pile! I'm afraid I can only admit to having read Valley of the Dolls! :) The rest look really good, too, though!

  8. Web - I've already enjoyed it - review to come soon.

    Danielle - it is a lovely pile. Hurrah for ebay!