Thursday, 25 February 2010

Moonraker (Tennyson Jesse) 55

Having loved A pin to see the peepshow, I had high hopes for Moonraker, but ultimately I was disappointed as although it was a good book in itself it was a very different book indeed.

This is a book of pirates and their ship, The Moonraker. Jacky Jacka has signed on with a Plymouth ship, The Piskie, and is heading for the West Indies when they are captured. It's an adventure story in the grain of Stevenson or Kipling, but it was just not what I was anticipating from Jesse!

I'm interested to see what the third Tennyson Jesse VMC, The lacquer lady, is like. Luckily I have a copy on the way from a blogging friend and I'm sure I'll be reading it as soon as it arrives!


  1. Oh, wouldn't that make a fun sub-theme though? Pirates in Viragos? I think there were pirates in one of duMaurier's novels: Frenchman's Creek? For some reason this idea is extraordinarily appealing on a very snowy Thursday when the Lake is greyed out with winter's bluster.

  2. I enjoyed Moonraker, but haven't read any more of her books yet - though I have both the ones you mention. I like a bit pirate adventure though so maybe this will stay my favourite.

  3. BIP - The only other one I can think of is "Pirates at Play" which isn't about pirates but just has it in the title!

    Desperate Reader - A pin is very different, but I think Lacquer lady may be more similar...