Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Rebecca West catch-up 143, 270, 303

Earlier in the year I read a trilogy of books by Rebecca West, known informally as The cousin Rosamund trilogy. It consists of The fountain overflows (probably one of the most well known of West's work), This real night and Cousin Rosamund.

It is a while since I read them so I shall content myself with showing you the covers, and asking if anyone has read any other Rebecca West novels as there are a number published as VMCs.

The fountain overflows has been published four times:
This real night, published three times:
and Cousin Rosamund (which only seems to have been published twice in original green and more modern photograph):


  1. I tried reading The Fountain Overflows earlier this year but really struggled and gave it up after 60 pages. You haven't said whether you enjoyed them - I've heard good things so should I give it another try at some point?

  2. Claire I'm going to wade in and answer for you - give it another go! It is slow to start but the rewards are well worth it - The Fountain Overflows has to be one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. I've had Cousin Rosamund for ages but only recently found This Real Night to complete my trilogy so haven't read the other two yet but I can't wait to.

  3. I also started The Fountain Overflows but set it aside, too. I've heard so many good things about it, so I think it was just a timing thing for me. I really liked The Soldier Returns and want to read more of her work. Glad to hear the book gets better as you read!

  4. Claire - I seem to remember struggling through them, and having the same experience as you and Danielle - perhaps it was a timing thing. I ddi persevere but they weren't my favourite VMC reads.

    Rachel - I'm glad you found it rewarding. I hope you enjoy the other two as much - I found them quite similar in style.

    Danielle - I have just looked up The return of the soldier and the plot looks quite interesting, so maybe I will enjoy that.

    Am writing about another one of her titles today, that I have read recently!

  5. I think it was a timing thing; I kept a hold of my copy to try again in the future. I was disappointed as I have always heard such great things but I found the parents overbearing (father, I believe) and passive (mother), which was irritating.

    I have The Return of the Soldier (the one you're reviewing today?) and would love a copy of Sunflower.

  6. Harriet Hume today Claire! Haven't come across Sunflower, but sounds like a nice title.