Friday, 13 November 2009

The brimming cup (Canfield) 254

After discussing Canfield's The home-maker, published by Persephone books, with a friend yesterday, and talking about Her Son's wife (a VMC Canfield), I couldn't resist grabbing The brimming cup from the VMC TBRs to see what that was like. I loved The home-maker, and enjoyed Her son's wife (though not quite as much), so I had high hopes for this title.

The book is the narrative of the life of Marise, a wife and mother living in Vermont. We meet her first in a prologue as she has just become engaged to her husband, and then officially several years later when she is sending off her youngest child for his first day of school. This event, as for many mothers, causes her to reassess her life. The book progresses through the next year, witnessing the changing seasons in their small town, and describing the outlook of Marise and various other characters - children, husband, neighbours. We learn that Marise thinks life in a small town is better than in the cities and the book explains her reasons why.

Unfortunately for me this title didn't live up to the two other Canfield's that I have read. I was certainly in the mood for her gentle writing style, but I think I found that the book was a bit too heavy on description and a lot lighter on plot than the two previous books.

Only one Virago edition, an original green cover, above, which I own. (Intriguingly, when I googled it to look for pictures I found that it is available for download onto Kindle! I'm not sure if this is the VMC edition though, and it certainly wouldn't come with a green cover).


  1. Sorry to hear that this didn't live up to your expectations and I'll lower mine accordingly. This was seems to well-loved amongst Viragoites so it is disappointing to hear that it is overly-descriptive and less plot-driven.

  2. Oh that's a shame; I really loved this. It was actually my first Canfield; I don't think I'd discovered Persephone yet when I read it. I'm desperate for Her Son's Wife but I am yet to find it in a second hand book shop!

  3. The Home-Maker was wonderful so I was looking forward to reading her other books. Thanks for the review. I'll still look out for this but I won't be n a rush to read it.

  4. Claire - I think I was just disappointed that it was a bit different from the other two.

    Rachel - I'll happily lend you Her Son's Wife if you like...

    Mrs B - The home-maker was wonderful.