Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The comforters (Spark) 542

A Tuesday teaser:

"I'll have a large wholemeal. I've got my grandson stopping for a week who's on the BBC...he won't eat white bread, one of his fads".


  1. Lovely! I picked up the Comforters last night, but I couldn't deal with the tiny print in my Penguin edition, so I went for a different Spark instead. I like the Virago edition, but I'm afraid they won't pick up some of her more interestingbooks with male protagonists. And I miss the days when they reissued authors I didn't know already

  2. I agree about missing the days of reissuing obscure authors - maybe we are all just better read as a result of the internet. I think that the rights of some of the other books are not available to Virago which may restrict what they can republish.