Saturday, 6 March 2010

This week's acquisitions

It might be lent, but I have still acquired some books due to the generosity of a publisher and one of the readers of my blog. Sophie from Virago kindly sent me the new Barbara Pym, Less than angels, which is coming out at the start of April - I read this last year, but look forward to having the opportunity to peruse this new edition which has an introduction by Salley Vickers. The Winged Horse was kindly sent to me by Heather who reads this blog and spotted it in a second-hand book-shop and posted it all the way from the US! Thank you Heather!

Don't the collection of Barbara Pyms look pretty on my shelves?


  1. Love those Pym covers. Couldn't get into Jane and Prudence when I read it though. Which Pym do you suggest I try next?

  2. Yes, they do indeed look pretty! :) I contemplated giving up book buying for lent then I laughed at myself and thought...right. I virtually urge you on to more goodness, however! How funny that the Virago was probably published in the UK, ended up in the US and now has returned home. Don't you sometimes wish you could see the journeys your books make? I really need to read something by Pym this year (I Loved Excellent Women!).

  3. Vintage - they are pretty! I would recommend any Pym, but maybe Excellent Women?

    Danielle - I'm trying my hardest but it's not easy. Actually, it gets better once you get into it. I hope you enjoy whichever Pym you choose next.