Saturday, 20 March 2010

New acquisition/I capture the castle 410

I'm still finding ways and means to acquire books despite having given up their purchase for Lent. The other week I joined "Bookhopper", a site where you can upload books which you no longer want, to see if anyone else wants them, and in return have a look at other people's unwanted books. About half of the books I uploaded were snapped up immediately, and I managed to get a VMC that I didn't have in return - I capture the castle. I'm surprised that I didn't have a copy of this book as it is one of my favourites , so I was very happy when that arrived.

I won't write much about it here because there are any number of reviews on Amazon and blogs and librarythings, and it is difficult to do justice to such a lovely book not having read it especially recently. But I will just mention its opening lines which are perhaps my favourite of all opening lines..."I write this sitting in the kitchen sink" - what a wonderful picture that conjures up, and how could one not want to read on from that beginning??

It's actually been published 3 times by Virago, most recently with a film tie in edition - I highly recommend the film which is a lovely adaption starring Ramola Garai, Rose Byrne, Tara Fitzgerald and Bill Nighy). My copy is the rather lovely middle one. Definitely a 5* VMC.


  1. This is a beautiful novel! I have a non-Virago edition that I treasure.

  2. Another favorite novel with a film I've yet to see... need to step up my Netflix viewing!

  3. Oo, love your cover! I'm fond of mine but it's not as nice as that, and my copy's a tiny bit water-damaged. I don't remember the film awfully well, but I vaguely recall that I thought it lacked the innocence of the book. Maybe I should give it another try.

  4. Had no idea Virago had published it; I own a couple of original editions. That first cover looks rather nice, the third awful, have no idea what's going on in the second. That is my all-time favorite book and I wouldn't see the movie even if it would help the space program.

  5. I love I Capture the Csstle! Did you know that The Folio Society reissued an edition of it? Not that I ever buy from them...

    By the way, does the Virago have Dodie Smith's illustrations?

  6. I love this one, too! It's about time for a reread I think. And I lucked out and found the top edition of the book at a library sale! I also have a version published here in the US--one of the few books I own multiple copies of.

  7. Mrs B - I first read it in a non Virago edition.

    JoAnn - I hope you enjoy the film.

    Jenny - it is a lovely cover - I lucked out :)

    Web - I'm not a fan of the movie tie in version either!

    Frisbee - no, but I'd love a copy of the Bodley Head edition which is a rather nice shade of yellow and the first copy of it that Ir ead. No illustrations in my copy sadly.

    Danielle - I wouldn't mind owning multiples of this - I'd love a copy of the edition that I read first in the school library with a primrose yellow cover.

  8. I loved this book, although my edition is a Vintage one, so doesn't look like any of the above.

    Glad you found this book - it's a definite must-have on the shelf. Congratulations :)