Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Pat Barker catch-up, 414, 415, 417

Virago have published three books by Pat Barker as modern classics. She may be more familiar to readers as the writer of the impressive Regeneration trilogy, the final book of which (The ghost road) won the Booker prize. These three titles are essentially portraits of working class life, from a female perspective, and are all fascinating reads. It's been a while since I've read them, so I will have to content myself with showing you their covers, and reminding myself that I would like to pick them up again one day. They've each been published twice, in a newer green edition, and a non green edition.

Union Street
Blow your house down

Liza's England/Century's Daughter


  1. I haven't read any Pat Barker yet, Virago nor The Regeneration trilogy ... I really must.

  2. Verity,
    I have only just seen your post from Saturday with the results of the draw - thank you so much for picking me out of the hat!

    I will drop you an email right now!