Saturday, 22 August 2009

This week's acquisitions

It's been another week for acquiring wonderful Virago books; four arrived last Saturday, and another on Monday (but since then things have gone quiet and I have been very restrained).

* All passion spent (Sackville-West)
* Daddy was a number-runner (Merriwether)
* A pin to see the peepshow (Tennyson-Jesse)
* Ordinary families (E. Arnot Robinson)
* The brimming cup (Canfield)

I'm especially looking forward to A lots of people have been discussing it on, and reading the Canfield book as I enjoyed Her son's wife last week. The Sackville-West is quite well known.

Anyone read any of these and like to recommend them to me?

I also picked up at the end of the last week a set of three lovely green Virago biographies by Kathryn Dayus...I know they're not VMCs but I can't resist sharing the picture with you!


  1. I haven't read any of these yet but I have the same editions of All Passion Spent and The Brimming Cup.

    I think Rachel reviewed All Passion Spent recently.

  2. I'm so amazed at how many books you acquire on a weekly basis (don't often comment, but I love snooping in on your finds). I wonder how your bookshelves look all together, must be wonderful!

  3. I have that same edition of All Passion Spent, and the same Ordinary Families. I'm afraid I haven't read either yet so can't recommend any.

  4. LOVED "Daddy Was a Numbers Runner" and "Ordinary Families"; haven't read the others. They're very different books, but both beautifully written. I would have to say that "Daddy" has stayed with me more than "Ordinary Families", as it's much grittier and more realistic, but I really did enjoy both of these books.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys...I don't mean to acquire so many books, and I never spend more than £3 on a VMC...I should cut down, and I'm hoping not being on holidayover the next few weeks will help me to cut down!!

  6. The Brimming Cup is one of my favourite Viragos! I passed A Pin to See the Peepshow by in a second hand bookshop a while ago because I imposed a 3 book limit and I had found 3 Viragos I wanted more...wish I had bought it now, the cover is a beauty and I have heard good things. Enjoy your aquisitions! When I am finished at my camp and move on to Bath city on Thursday I am going to be hitting the bookshops so hopefully I will have some acquisitions of my own to post about when I get back!

  7. All Passions Spent was the first Virago I ever purchased. It was back in 1992, when I was living in London. If my memory serves me, there is a sequence in the book where the main character is on the Northern Line and the text ticks off the stations as they go by. As I read that part I was actually on the Northern Line passing the same stations--although the stations came faster than I could read the book so it is not like it was totally in synch.

  8. How interesting Thomas - it's one that I'm looking forward to reading soon.