Sunday, 2 August 2009

My Virago books (August 09)

Having so much enjoyed playing with my new VMC acquisitions yesterday, I carried on and took pictures of ALL of my Virago books. Actually, that's not quite true, as the one I was currently reading had temporarily disappeared (my boyfriend had put it under the coffee table...), and I forgot about Sarah Water's The little stranger. And of course there are the two latest VMC acquisitions that I mentioned yesterday which haven't made it into any of the pictures.

So with that caveat, here are my original green VMCs... Daphne Du Maurier VMCs (I have nearly the whole set, am just missing Rebecca, My cousin Rachel and Jamaica Inn - my reasoning at the time for not buying these (plus Frenchman's creek) is that my Mum has a compendium of these four titles. However, I saw Frenchman's creek for £1, and will hopefully pick up the others in that way. ) I LOVE these covers and my DDMs. I really recommend the book Vanishing Cornwall as Virago have done a splendid job on this title - I had the original Penguin paperback version, but this is sumptuous and beautiful. are my other Virago Modern Classics titles, some of which I've read, and some of which are as yet unread. I love the reprinted Antonia Whites, and the new Pyms - I'm looking forward to replacing my copy of Some tame gazelle with a VMC copy when it comes out very soon.

...earlier this year, Virago issued some lovely hardback versions of their books, but I only own this Barbara Pym. The cover is very beautiful, but I'm not quite sure about the concept of the hardback VMC.

...and finally, a pile of Viragos which I own which are not VMCs. A little confusingly, both the Glenddining biography and the Helen Garner book have green spines.


  1. Oh my Goodness - this is like book porn! Hee.

    I only have four of your green VMCs and a couple in other editions.

    The Du Mauriers is a very mighty collection, especially considering you have read them all! I don't think the cover for Rebecca in that series does justice to the book but that's my own personal quibble; the others are lovely.

    I would also have to remove the stickers... never have me around your books as I'll do it! It's one of my many book quirks.

    I love the Orla Kiely textile for Excellent Women but it's one of the hardbacks I don't own; I'm thinking that instead I'll purchase the forthcoming re-issue of Excellent Women to match my other Pyms but undecided.

    Thank you for sharing them all! I look forward to following the additions to your already burgeoning collection.

  2. I'm waiting for the reprint of Some Tame Gazelle and then order a batch - I adore Pym. Love your copy of Mariana - wow! Thanks for the very enjoyable browse of your book porn and I'm with Paperback Reader on the sticker issue. I'll peel them off in the store just to make sure the book isn't damaged, then I'll pay:)

  3. Those are some amazing pictures. Paperback Reader has it right, it really is book porn. I'm so tempted to pop over to Amazon or Virago and order a few books. Must resist....must resist.....

  4. Hi. I found your blog through Simon. I'm a collector and fan of VMCs as well, so I'll be curious to see which books you read (and no doubt be tempted to add to my own collection!). I also have most (though not as many as you I think) DDMs--they are lovely. Lovely photos, by the way--thanks for sharing--I love seeing the different covers.

  5. Lovely!
    That cover to Plagued by Nightingales (a book I haven't even heard of) is such a wonderful painting. I can't remember who painted it, or what it's called, but I spent ages standing in front of it at the Tate Modern (I think) admiring. You should try and see the original if you can - it's such a breathtaking painting.

  6. Claire - oh no, are they going to do a paperback of Excellent women too?! I sort of agree about the stickers, but as a historian, and a partial rare-books ist, I'm often interested in provenance and how books came to be part of collections, and the stickers help to remind me.

    Darlene - oops the picture of Mariana was meant for another post and ended up there! You'll see it again soon.

    Green Road - absolutely - book porn indeed!

    Danielle - I love looking at covers. Thanks for popping in.

    Simon - hi, yes, that is a good painting. I think it's at the National according to the book. I'll read it sometime soonish as I don't really know anything about it.

  7. Oh, what a lovely collection! They look so nice all together like that. The expression "book porn" is actually often used when book bloggers post pictures like these. It's a fitting one :P