Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A slight confession

Oops - I just picked up 19 VMCs which I didn't have/had not read courtesy of having a discount code for Awesome books - £36 including postage! Well, our household income has now doubled now that OH is back at work.

But most of them I've not really come across and having felt inspired recently to get on with my VVV again after the stagnation in the latter part of the year, I feel justified in ordering them as it should make a bit more - will make a bit more of a dent in my Virago reading venture. Here's the list:

Expensive people (Joyce Carol Oates)
The grain of truth (Nina Bawden) - excited by this as realised the other day that I still had one of her books left to read and it was this one! Nina Bawden is one of the VMC authors with a large output that I have consistently enjoyed.
New York Mosaic: "Do I Wake or Sleep", "Christmas Tree", "Many Mansions" (Isabel Bolton)
The sugar mother (Elizabeth Jolley)
The fly on the wheel (Katherine Thurston) - not heard of this author
Rose in Bloom (Louisa May Alcott) - I've always wanted this one since finding out that it was a VMC
The rock cried out (Ellen Douglas) - one of those authors who have only one VMC published.
Curious if true, Strange tales by Mrs Gaskell (Elizabeth Gaskell) - should be good!
A stricken field (Martha Gelhorn) - I have another of her books on my VMC TBR
One way of love (Gamel Woolsey) - another one-book author I've never heard of.
One of ours (Willa Cather) - I really like her books which I only encountered through reading my way through the VMCs.
The bread and butter stories (Mary Norton) - I've heard that this is good, and am intrigued as Mary Norton to me = Bedknob and Broomstick (which I loved!)
The gooseboy (A.L. Barker) - just finished John Brown's Body by the same which I quite enjoyed
Ellen Foster (Kaye Gibbons) - this is described as a southern, female version of Holden Caulfield which intrigues me!
Phoenix Fled (Attia Hossein) - just finished her other VMC, Sunlight on a broken column which was very different from the run of the mill so will be itnerested to see this.
Hackenfeller's Ape (Brigid Brophy) - never come across this before
Another time, another place (Jessie Kesson) - enjoyed one of her novels the other month
A favourite of the gods (Sybille Bedford) - I enjoyed her Compass error a year or so ago...

Awesome books are definitely Awesome - far better deals than the cheapest books on ebay or Amazon! Probably will regret sharing my secret!


  1. If you're going to buy books, you might as well do it probably, eh?! Lovely choices - I'm jealous of Rose in Bloom, that's a gorgeous edition!

  2. What a lovely loot! Some of those are in mint condition and a collection it itself. You were wise to take advantage of such an offer and you'll soon make a sizable dent in challenge reading.

    I am most interested in the Jolley (author has been on my radar for while but, despite starting The Well a couple of months ago, I haven't read her) and intrigued by New York Mosaic. I've read a few novels by Joyce Carol Oates and have "enjoyed" them, although they do not make the cheeriest of reading. I look forward to finding out about them all.

  3. Oooh, what a greal deal! I found a few last weekend but am VERY impressed with your latest finds.

  4. What a lovely confession. A few there that I haven't come across so I shall be keeping a close eye on future reports.

  5. Thank you for telling me about this site -- they have tons of Persephones and shipping to the US is free if you buy two or more items! I've been ordering from the Book Depository but there are some titles they just don't carry. And so many VMCs!! Thanks!