Sunday, 30 January 2011

A Virago Reading Week haul

Of course one should mark Virago Reading Week with some new books...I have eight to add to my collection (although only six are shown here). Last Sunday I was at work, but my lunchbreak got interrupted and I had to come back to the building early and could not be bothered to trudge back to the staffroom for the remaining 10 minutes. So rather fatally, I followed an email that I had been sent by Awesome books for Bargain Bin madness to see what I could find in the way of VMCs. I ended up getting 12 books for less than £20 including postage (the rest were non VMCs). Of the above, I have already read William, although not in a Virago edition (and I'd still upgrade it to the older green cover if I found one).

I am most looking forward to the Miles Franklin - Some everyday folk and dawn - as this has been on my wishlist for ages, since I loved her "Career" books which I read as part of this blog.

I am also looking forward to the A.L. Barker, John Brown's Body, as this is an author I am een to discover (and indeed, one of the other books I bought from Awesome books was The haunt by the same author, which I have been after for a while as it is set in Cornwall).

The other titles are Playing the harlot (Avis), Dust falls on Eugene Schlumbucher (Mackay) and Liana (Gellhorn). I am pleased that none of them are chunksters which may entice me into reading them sooner rather than later.

The other two titles I picked up this weekend were from a little second hand charity bookshop in Woodstock which I'd never been before. I was happy to get a copy of The love child, which I'd borrowed when I read it for this blog, as well as Playing the harlot by Eudora Welty. Both for £1 each! Will be returning to that bookshop another time...

I am determined to keep up the momentum that Carolyn and Rachel have prompted me into this week.


  1. What a haul. For £20 too. You had a good week for books.

  2. What a great haul! The covers are all so beautiful, aren't they?

  3. Great haul! When I went to visit Naomi to say goodbye before I left for New York we drove out to Woodstock for tea and scones and as we were walking back to my car we came across that amazing bookshop! WHAT an Aladdin's Cave, eh? I bought a couple of old hardbacks in there for a song - I felt like I was robbing them!

  4. Well done, Verity! I'm sure you feel like I do when you spot a book you really, really would love to own. It's better than mining for gold for diamonds!

  5. What a great haul, they'll look amazing on your bookshelf.

  6. Nice haul :)

    I'm planning to read William, along with Darlene, in the middle of February.