Saturday, 16 January 2010

New acquisitions

I have to say that the snow is fatal for purchasing books...walking everywhere rather than going by bike makes it far easier to stop off in a bookshop. These four books were purchased last Saturday en route to work in the Oxfam Bookshop on St. Giles - all lovely old green editions.

* Life before man (Atwood). I have yet to read any Atwood for this challenge, although I have read her work before which divides into stuff which I don't enjoy (the more sci-fi) and the stuff which I do (the other stuff). I think this will fall into the latter category.
* The pastor's wife (von Arnim). As yet still to read any von Arnim, but she is a staple VMC author
* The ghostly lover (Hardwick). I got confused and thought that Hardwick was someone I wanted to read more of, when in fact when I reviewed Sleepless Nights I wrote that I wouldn't be rushing to read any more of her. Still this, and the other title I purchased look interesting, so I will be glad to see if I enjoy them a bit more.
* The simple truth (Hardwick) - see above.

PS: I haven't mentioned it here, but you may have noticed on my other blog that I picked up some Viragoes while I was in London the other week (shhhhhhh)....
- Two days in Aragon (Keane)
- My friend says its bullet-proof (Mortimer) (have already read this one but love the cover!)
- Blue skies and Jack and Jill
- The sheltered life (Glasgow)
- A jest of god (Laurence)
- The golden spur (Powell)
All picked up for around £1!


  1. looks like a good haul - will be looking forward to your thoughts on them. I've not nearly read as much Atwood as I'd like to...

  2. Oo, jealous, looks like an excellent haul. :)

  3. Looking forward to your thoughts on the Atwood and Von Arnim as haven't read either (have the latter). I love Atwood and want to read something of hers soon as its been a while; of her VMCs, which have you read?

    You looted quite a few VMCs in London and I was happy to watch!

  4. Anothercookie - yes it was a good haul!

    Jennysbooks - indeed!

    Claire - thanks for your help in spotting them. Of the Atwood VMCs I've read Edible Woman, and possibly a couple of the others, I can't remember without remindin myself of the synopsis.