Thursday, 14 January 2010

The dud avocado (Dundy)

As an avocado eater, who hates the problem of getting the avocado to the correct ripeness, and detests either those which are too squidgy or rock hard (usually it has to be said the latter, when impatience gets the better of me!), I couldn't resist this title, and would have probably bought it anyway even if it hadn't been a VMC.

The book tells the story of Sally Jay, an American who has come to 1950s Paris to experience the French lifestyle, and to pursue a stage career. She spends her time flitting around cafes and falling in love. I was a little disappointed by this book as it was very American; I was anticipating a sort of French coming of age story, but this could easily have been set in New York. I didn't feel that Sally Jay ever really experienced France as much as she could have. And ultimately this is the case; at the end of the book Sally Jay returns to America and finds that actually this is where she belongs.

I shall be interested to see how the follow up, The old man and me, also published as a VMC compares. Two Virago editions; mine, purchased in the Waterstones 3 for 2 earlier this year, is the more recent bottom one.

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  1. I bought this based on the title and the synopsis before I conciously collected Viragoes; a few years ago I only managed to get halfway through reading it but that wasn't because I wasn't enjoying it.

    Avocados are annoying! Tasty though, especially with a little bit of of lemon and salt on toast.