Saturday, 31 October 2009

Time for some statistics

For the first time in ages, I haven't got any new VMC acquisitions. On the bright side, all of my VMCs that have yet to be read now fit onto one shelf with none lying on top.

Instead, having been doing this challenge for 3.5 months, I thought it was time for some statistics.

Number of posts written: 90.
Number of VMCs posted about (not including acquisitions posts): 106
Number of books read specifically for challenge: 50
Number of books posted about which I had already read: 56
Number of gifts from other bloggers: 2
Number received from publishers: 4
Number of VMC books purchased since start of challenge (15/7): 82 (eek!)
Number of VMC books thrown out since start of challenge: 1
Number of VMC books that I own but have yet to read: 32
Number of guest posts: 1
Number of followers gained on 10

Favourite books so far include:
Pin to see the peepshow
Novel on yellow paper
The wedding
Family history
One fine day
My brilliant career
The getting of wisdom
The Ha-ha
On the side of angels

That was a difficult list to write as there have been very many books which I have really enjoyed so far, but these are the Must Reads as far as I am concerned.

I'm doing well; I seem to be about nearly a fifth of the way through the challenge which isn't bad going?! I still have a number of books which I read before this challenge which I haven't yet blogged about to "catch-up" on, so that will also help boost my totals.

Thank you to all of you who read and comment on my blog; if you just lurk, please do say hello today to help me celebrate getting this far through. It's lovely to have the comments and involvement of other VMC readers.


  1. Hi Verity! Funny...I was just wondering the other day how many VMCs you've already read. It's good you posted this and it's great to see which ones you favoured. I always have trouble choosing my next VMC read. Congratulations so're doing so well! I look forward to reading your posts everytime.

  2. Verity, you're doing great with your challenge! I'm impressed. I own 112 Viragos and have yet to read 94 of them!! I'm taking a leisurely pace, usually reading 1 per month. I like reading about your favorites; I have a few of those on my shelves so that may just be how I choose my next Virago read!

  3. Congratulations! I haven't read any VMCs for a couple of months and really must. Feel free to enlist my services for future guest-posts.
    I am impressed at the magnitude of your progress so far and how many great books you are discovering; I am stunned, however, that The Magic Toyshop doesn't appear on your list of favourite reads so far!

  4. Hi everyone, thanks for the congratulations - it's wonderful to have the support.

    Laura - I'm not sure how many VMCs I own. I was planning to read about 1 a week but progress has been somewhat faster!

    Mrs B - I was wondering too, hence having to do some counting! Thanks :)

    Claire - I forgot that - oops! Feel free to suggest another guest post whenever you like/have something to write about - I loved your last one.

  5. Verity, your progress is astounding! It's so much fun to follow along with you through your challenge.

  6. Thank you Danielle. I hope you're enjoying the discovery of VMCs along with me.

  7. Congratulations on your progress so far! I've really enjoyed your posts and am looking forward to reading more of your Virago Venture. Best of luck with it!


  8. Congratulations! You're doing an AMAZING job and I'm loving your reviews...I have plenty of unread Viragos too and need to get around to them!

  9. Thanks Rachel and Catherine. Even though my reviews aren't hugely extensive, I hope that they give everyone an idea of which VMCs they might like to read and it is lovely seeing the covers isn't it?

  10. I'm so impressed with your progress and determination. I don't comment a lot but certainly enjoy reading your VMC posts. Have just read one myself in fact - Not So Quiet, a WW1 story about female ambulance drivers by Helen Zenna Smith. Keep up the good work!

  11. Thanks Cath. What a wonderful recommendation - perfect for Remembrance Day - I looked it up on Amazon and it looks fascinating. I'm gutted that my library doesn't have a copy while I'm on my current book buying ban *adds to wishlist*

  12. I'm on a book buying ban until Christmas too... it's not easy!

    Not So Quiet was fantastic. Horrifying and harrowing but brilliant. I picked my copy up in an Oxfam charity shop and couldn't believe my luck as it's not one you see around at all. I'm hoping to review it over the next couple of days - been rather busy.