Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Austen problem

Virago republished the six novels by Jane Austen as VMCs no.s 341-346, and I'm not planning to blog about them individually as I read them a while ago. However, I do want to post pictures of the covers. Unfortunately, after a trawl through and Amazon I'm unable to find any pictures of the Virago editions. I guess these must be pretty rare as there are so many other editions of Austen available. Has anyone seen these editions?


  1. There are plenty of cheap copies on amazon but I haven't managed to find any images either. Maybe it's a good excuse to buy them all up just to see what they look like?!

    A search of librarything shows that Juliette07, a Virago forum member, should have a copy of the Virago edition of Sense and Sensibility as she requested it on an old duplicates thread. Try sending her a message and see if she can take a photo.

    I've long been interested in these Austen editions as I've never seen any and I did think it strange as to why Virago felt it was necessary to do their own editions of Austen. It's not like she's ever been out of print! I'd love to see the covers.

  2. It looks like a kind librarything member has the answer...and we WILL have pictures of Austen! Isn't this such an interesting project!

  3. Austen in VMC? Modern as opposed to medieval, I suppose...

    I think these might be four of the covers you're looking for, from LibraryThing members:

  4. Thanks Owen - very helpful! I've got a librarything member uploading her pictures for me :)