Monday, 16 May 2011

Wreath of Roses (Taylor)

Another VMC re-issue, out today - Wreath of Roses by Elizabeth Taylor. This features an introduction by the masterful Helen Dunmore. Although I have to say that I'm underwhelmed by the covers that Virago have reissued Elizabeth Taylor in, I am very happy that she has been brought back into print as I hope that it will enable her to find a whole cohort more of readers (see the previous edition's cover below - far more appealing!). Thanks to Virago for sending me a copy.

I've still not blogged about Elizabeth Taylor, as I read most of her books before this blog - if anyone fancies doing a guest review, then let me know!


  1. I agree, that top cover is underwhelming. The classic VMC is pretty but a little bland, but still nicer than the new one. I've only read Mrs. Palfrey so far but I look forward to reading more ET.

  2. I have been reading a series of Elizabeth Taylor books having discovered her not that long ago. I am focusing on British women authors even though I am an American.I just finished Taylor's "Blaming" and just loved it.

  3. Oh this was a fabulous read that had me holding my breath a few times along the way!

    *Kay - I'm a few pages from finishing Nicola Beauman's bio, The Other Elizabeth Taylor, and can't praise it enough. Do keep it in mind!

  4. There's really no comparison between the two covers, is there? Why do they have to change these things? Do they think it'll make the books more appealing to modern readers? :(

    I noticed there was a biography of Elizabeth Taylor out and so was glad to get your recommendation, Darlene. I'll look out for it...


  5. I have Beauman's biography of Taylor and was saving it to read after I finish all of the latter's oeuvre. I just ordered A Game of Hide and Seek.