Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Holtby editions

These beautiful new Holtby edition are out today - I'm so excited that Virago have brought Holtby back into print (I guess in the wake of the success of South Riding). I think these covers are wonderful.

You can read my blogs about these books here:
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The Land of Green Ginger

South Riding has also been reprinted with a similar style cover but I don't have a copy of that yet. Here's hoping for Mandoa Mandoa and the short stories (as yet to cross my path) to complete the set. I'm guessing they don't own the rights to Crowded Street since it has been republished by Persephone (so frustrating for someone who would like to own the complete works in uniform editions!).


  1. These editions are indeed beautiful and I would love to have them for their beauty alone :-) I have yet to read a Holtby but did enjoy the South Riding TV series. Must try to get these soon. Thank you for photographing the spines... the colours are vivid and must be so attractive on your shelf. I hear you about wanting to own a complete set of her works in the same beautiful edition.

  2. I just finished The Land of Green Ginger today -- my copy is one of the new editions, and I love the cover. I'm still mulling over the book, thinking about my review. I hope to see her other books re-issued as well.

  3. These new editions are so beautiful, I have them on the tbr shelves right now, I couldn't resist them. I loved South Riding, Crowded Street & the short stories so I'm looking forward to reading these. I hope Virago continue reprinting more of their VMC authors. Margaret Oliphant & Ann Bridge are surely ripe for a reprint, don't you think?

  4. I love these covers! I would buy them just to have the matched set on my shelf -- these won't be available in the US until November but I still haven't read the Holtbys I have on my TBR shelf -- I won South Riding from Thomas' VMC giveaway but haven't read it yet. And I just got The Crowded Street for Mother's Day so I need to read that one too.

  5. What lovely editions! I still haven't read anything by Holtby...

  6. I love these new editions. I am currently reading South Riding in the new edition - a beautiful book to read and look at!