Thursday, 5 May 2011

The doll (Daphne Du Maurier)

I haven't yet read it, but today sees the publication of The doll and other stories by Daphne Du Maurier, some previously unpublished short stories by Du Maurier, mostly from earlier in her career. There's an interesting piece on the Virago blog today, including link to radio discussion of it, which is worth checking out.

I can't help wishing that it had been a manuscript of another of DDM's novels that had been found. Yes, it's great to have "new" DDM, but I'm just not a short story fan. I know there are plenty who disagree, and I agree with many of the excellent points made here in this piece on the Virago blog, but the short story medium is just not my favourite.

I do LOVE this cover though - very Du-Maurierish, and it fits in beautifully with the VMC editions of her books, most of which I own (I think I am just missing a couple of non fiction ones).


  1. Another book for my wish list! I've been in the mood for Du Maurier lately.

  2. Thanks for the links! I never used to be a fan of short stories but since discovering Panter-Downes and Dorothy Whipple, I really enjoy them.

  3. I love Daphne! I saw this yesterday on Twitter and thought that I would love to get my hands on it.

  4. I want to read this - reading Don't Look Now right now... really looking forward to this collection.