Monday, 9 May 2011

The other woman (Colette)

I know that I wrote last week about my struggles with short stories, but The other woman by Colette is a very slim volume, and it is years since I read any books by Colette (I greatly enjoyed her Claudine books when I was still at school).

The stories in the book are very feminine and generally focussed around love and set in Paris. Whilst I didn't particularly get into the volume due to the stories being so short (generally around 4p), it did remind me that I enjoyed Colette in the past. I must seek out some more of her work - can anyone recommend any novels (in English please!) apart from the Claudine books that I should read?

It's the only Colette published as a VMC, and it's only been published once with an italicized green edition.


  1. I really liked Cheri and The Last of Cheri when I read them last year. Have been wanting to read more of Colette ever since.

  2. I'd agree, but you must read a good edition of her letters as well (translated if you must :))

  3. Just stumbled across your site Verity - what I lovely idea to read your way through the Viragos!

    Re Colette, Break of Day is my favourite and I think her best work - from later on in her writing career. It's beautifully written, atmospheric of place and emotions and well worth anyone's time!