Saturday, 10 July 2010

New acqusitions

I have two batches of new acquisitions to write about this weekend. Firstly, about a week ago I recieved a huge box from Elaine at Random Jottings, a fellow Virago lover, and reader of this blog. I should have taken a picture of the box and its contents, but unfortunately I didn't get around to it! Elaine had had a clear out and very kindly offered to send me some of her unwanted books before taking them to the charity shop (I in return made a donation to Mind since Elaine asked for a donation to charity instead of paying her for postage). I was lucky enough to get copies of some books which were new to me as well as my own copy of a couple, and they were all in original green - lovely! . There were a couple of duplicates which I am passing on to fellow Virago lovers in my vicinity. Thank you Elaine - you were very kind.

Then, excitingly, I recieved the latest VMC to come out, by the author Bessie Head, not someone who I have encountered. The book actually contains two novels - When Rain Clouds Gather, and, Maru - and I shall be writing about it in due course (when I have read it rather than just admired the cover!)


  1. Well, it is a lovely cover! Look forward to your thoughts on the book.

  2. So which books did you receive from Elaine?

    I may have mentioned it but I am so incredibly excited about reading the Bessie head novellas. I came across her at uni and read one of her short stories in Wayward Girls and Wicked Women.

  3. Bessie Head's work is on my list of pressing reads as well, although I haven't yet managed to gather up any of her fiction; I've read so many intriguing things about her writing though!