Saturday, 26 June 2010

New acquisitions

There have been several new Virago Modern Classics additions, but today I want to highlight the kindness of two people who read my blog.

Firstly, Julia remembered that I am desperate for the Elizabeth Taylor short story collections; and kindly sent me a spare copy of Hester Lilly which she came across. I've been struggling to read recently as you'll know if you read my other blog (not that you'll have noticed as I had about a month's worth of reviews stacked up, but I'm sure you will do soon as I'll be down to a post or so a week), and it was good to have some short stories to draw on as it made me feel like I was still making some progress in my VMC challenge.

Secondly, Claire spotted a tranch of VMCs in her local second hand bookshop, sent me a list, and very kindly bought them on my behalf and posted them to me! As you can see 3 of them are whoppers so it was very good of her to go to the hassle of packing them up and posting them.

Thank you Claire and Julia!

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  1. You're very welcome, Verity :) I hope you are back into your reading groove soon. The longer VMCs are daunting, especially with the exceedingly small font size. I left a copy of Losings Battles by Eudora Welty in the local secondhand bookshop this week for its size and small print (I do intend on reading it at some point but couldn't justify rescuing it at present time if it wouldn't be read for a while).