Friday, 4 September 2009

Daphne Du Maurier: autobiographical VMC 500, 504,

If you've enjoyed Daphne Du Maurier reading, or have enjoyed looking at the covers of her works this week, then I'd really recommend the final two DDM VMCs to you.

500 - The Rebecca Notebook. I absolutely love this book, and if you loved Rebecca, then you must get your hands on a copy of this title. Here DDM describes the formulation of her bestseller - an early plot outline, the original epilogue, and how she developed her ideas. Originally Maxim De Winter was called Henry! It also includes some memoir/autobiographical material.
504 - Myself when young. This is DDM's early autobiography, based on diaries from the period 1920-1932. It provides a wonderful portrait of the writer and demonstrates how much she loves Cornwall, whilst filling in some of the details of her life - her childhood, education, publication of her first book, and marriage, and sharing with us information about family relationships.

(If you're really interested in DDM's life, it's worth mentioning Flavia Young's A daughter's memoir, and the outstanding biography by Margaret Forster to read).


  1. I have the former and Nymeth reviewed the latter this week.

  2. Myself When Young is definitely one of the best autobiographical books I've ever read. It charmed my socks off.

    I want to read The Rebecca Notebook but can't remember anything much about Rebecca. I think I would have to reread that first.

  3. I want to reread Myself When Young, and have just bought the copy featured here. We watched the ITV film of Rebecca on holiay which was wonderful.