Thursday, 3 March 2011

A favourite of the gods (Bedford)

A favourite of the Gods is my latest Virago read, again from my Awesome books loot last month. (Having such a good selection to choose from is definitely inspiring me to get through them!). I had read the other Sybille Bedford, A compass error earlier in my project, and looking again at my review (the book had not stayed with me very much) I think that this is the prequel as it involves the same characters, only earlier on - I may now revisit that to see how it fits with this one.

The book starts with a lady called Constanza boarding a train from the Italian Riviera with her young daughter Flavia; they are on the way to England. But suddenly Constanza realises that she has lost her ruby ring and the journey is disrupted - in fact they never complete the journey, although it is not clear why.

The book then goes to an earlier time, and tells the story of Anna, Constanza's mother, an American heiress, who had married an Italian man. The story was interesting but so much dramatic tension had been built up at the start of the book that I struggled to get into it as I was desperate to return to Flavia and Constanza, which I did not get to do until the last third of the book.

It's been published twice by Virago, in original green and italicised green, both time with the same picture. My book is the more recent version.

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