Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Another time, another place (Kesson)

Although my colleague, to whom I lent the last Kesson novel that I wrote about, handed it back saying that it was a bit bleak and grim for her, I was quite looking forward to my next Kesson read. Particularly as Another time, another place, is a mere 94pp novella.

And it was less bleak that Glitter of Mica. A very rural, country novel, it did put me in mind of Mary Webb, but without her bleakness.

Set in 1944, it tells the story of a "young woman", who is referred to by this name throughout (although she is called Janie); this was an interesting technique as it made her seem very anonymous whereas all of the other characters were referred to by their names. Living in a remote Scottish village, and married to a man who works on a farm, she finds herself looking after three Italian prisoners of war from a group who have been billeted on the community. The novella tells the story of the community's interest and involvement with the prisoners of war; the young woman in particular finds them intriguing.

It is a very simple tale but beautifully told.

One more Kesson VMC to go - The white bird passes - and judging by the synopsis I read at the back of this volume, it is one that shall also interest me, and I hope I come across it sooner rather than later.

This one has just been published once, in an italicised green edition.

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