Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Seven for a secret (Webb) 93

I'm afraid I read Seven for a secret ages ago - way before Christmas I think. It's been hiding and I only just stumbled on it when I was tidying up my library books pile. Unfortunately, it wasn't terribly memorable, so there isn't much I can say about it at this later date, except that if you like Mary Webb's style and themes (pastoral Shropshire, a bit Thomas Hardyish) then you will probably enjoy this one. One of my colleagues who likes VMCs too quite likes Mary Webb, so I have lent the volume to her and we both commented on how lovely the picture on the front is. Probably the best thing about this book for me. Sadly, there is still quite a lot of Mary Webb left on the list...


  1. it's a bit of a running joke between me and my Virago hunting friend that Precious Bane is one of the books we see everywhere. I think every charity shop in the country has at least one copy...

  2. I love Mary Webb, but I have to admit that this is her weakest book. She's not for everyone, but you will hopefully find a little more in her other books.

  3. Hayley - I enjoyed Precious Bane slightly more than this one. it doesn't surprise me that it is in a lot of shops though!

    Jane - I'm glad to hear that you thought this one was quite weak; I will persevere...