Monday, 14 February 2011

Death comes for the archbishop (Cather)

What a coincidence it was to put this book into my bag and then read a review by Rachel from Book Snob! I do hope you'll go and read her review, as I need to save my fingers a bit as I am starting to suffering from what may be RSI and I need to limit my typing :(

As Rachel says, it's very different from her prairie/pioneering books; I've read some of her non-prairie books before (particularly Alexander's Bridge) which I loved. Sadly I didn't find this one so enjoyable - more of a narrative than a novel, it is a series of sketches concerning two French Catholics who come to America to spread religion among the Mexicans. It sounded promising but there wasn't sufficient story to grip me.

It's been published three times by Virago, and I had the third, most modern version from the library.


  1. Hm, sorry this one disappointed. Beautiful cover (the original)!

  2. With you and Rachel both reviewing this, I'm even more curious to see how I'll feel about it. Sorry it was a disappointment...