Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Please vote for the blog!

I was quite excited to see that my blog has been nominated in the category of "Best Literary Blog" for the Most Wanted Book Blogger awards. I've never been nominated for anything before, so this was quite exciting! I only found out by chance when following a link that a fellow blogger posted to vote for her blog...

Do go over and look at the list as there's a huge number of interesting blogs to have a look at, but if you felt so moved you could also vote for me! As my blog here is such a niche, I think it is unlikely that I will come especially high in the scoring, but would be nice not to come last!


  1. That's wonderful, congratulations! Your blog certainly deserves it. And what a distinguished list of bloggers to be in company with!

  2. good luck with it all, i started to collect the (preferably green) viragos a year ago or so and it's always nice to see a shared obsession. :)