Friday, 10 December 2010

I'm not complaining (Adam) 124

I forgot to write about I'm not complaining by Ruth Adam when I read it a couple of week's ago which is a shame as it was a quirky VMC which I really enjoyed reading. It's the story of Madge Brigson, a 30 something school teacher, who works in a school in the deprived town of Bronton, Nottinghamshire, an industrial town which has been hit badly by the depression. I liked her no-nonsense character and committment to the children in her charge, despite her recognition that for many of them, the education is not particularly valuable. The novel also tells the story of some of Madge's colleagues, other single women (for it was still the age when women had to leave work on marriage). It's a great book if you like strong female characters - do seek it out, it's not terribly well known, I was just attracted by the title...

Only published once, in an original green cover.


  1. This sounds good! Unfortunately it's not one I own... And I mustn't buy any more books for a LONG TIME... Except if they're from charity shops... I'll keep a look out for it!


  2. I have this on the tbr shelves. I bought it because it's written by a Persephone author. RA wrote A Woman's Place, one of the lesser-known Persephones but a really interesting history of women in the 20th century. Thanks for reminding me of it.

  3. I only just read this myself, having come across it in the library. Enjoyed it so much I tracked down a copy to keep. I'd love to read more of Adams's fiction, too.