Saturday, 15 May 2010

Some more acquisitions

I was lucky enough to recieve a £10 Amazon voucher for participation in a personal development project at work and it gave me the opportunity to buy a few things from my Amazon Virago wishlist! It was quite hard to choose, but I selected these ones:

Open the door (Carswell)
Mandoa Mandoa (Holtby)
Rhapsody (Edwards)
Fraulein Schmidt and Mr Anstruther (Arnim)

With the exception of the first, these are all by authors whose books I have enjoyed as part of my venture, and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into these!

I'm fascinated by the little sticker that says a Scottish classic, Virago on the Carswell book - I've not seen one of these before.


  1. I found a copy of the Carswell last year in a secondhand shop, no sticker, I have two of her books now but haven't read either, this is a bit of a push to get on with one of them, look forward to your assesment:)

  2. They all look very good! i love the cover art they use for these books. Happy reading!