Monday, 17 May 2010

A public service?!

I had a lovely comment on my blog earlier from hockadilly in response to my post "Ordinary Families" which I wrote last October and I had to share it:

A special thankyou! I read this book back in the 80s and quite enjoyed it. Subsquently I learned to sail, and often thought I'd like to reread the book, because so much of it revolves around sailing. BUT I had forgotten the title and author, just knew it was a Virago and had a vague memory of the cover painting. Every now and then I'd have a go at searching on the internet, without luck. Then bingo! I found your blog and searched through until I found it. I'm now happily rereading it and really enjoying it, especially the sailing sections.

I am feeling really happy that my blog is actually proving USEFUL as well as interesting!


  1. Quite right - you are a public service. This blog is basically becoming the best and most complete source of VMC information on the internet - better than the Virago website which doesn't show old covers etc.

    Well done you


  2. I agree with Hannah. Whenever I come across a VMC, I visit this blog to see if it's been covered yet. Very useful indeed!

  3. And I've bought no end of things on the back of your reviews - they give me a list of things to look out for.

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments guys! It's made me think that I should improve some of the searching on this blog to make it an even better service - watch this space - have sought some advice!

  5. Check out my beautiful new author cloud!!