Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fireworks (Carter) 289

Claire at Paperback Reader's Angela Carter month has given me the impetus to get through the remaining Angela Carter titles on the Virago Modern Classics. Two weeks ago I steeled myself to read Several Perceptions, which was more enjoyable than some I had read, and so, there was just Fireworks left. This fitted in rather nicely with my plan this week to blog about some of the short story collections.

The stories were wide-ranging - set in Japan, in the Orient, in the Jungle, but all full of intense imagery. My impression was that they did not really feel like stories in the conventional sense. I often struggle with short stories as I am such a plot-driven reader, and there wasn't so much plot in them. But having read Carter previously, I know that one of the things that I *do* like about her writing, is the writing and the quality of it.

Overall, my favourite story in the collection was The smile of winter which is all about the seaside and the seashore. As a big ocean and beach lover the subject matter really appealed to me and I enjoyed seeing how the mistress of prose described it. It was more like a painting than a short story as such.

Two Virago covers - I love both of them, they are colourful and definitely evoke the spirit of the collection contained within. I borrowed the more recent edition from the library. I am not sure that I am an Angela Carter convert, but am glad to have had the opportunity to read her as part of this Venture, which is what the Venture is all about really!


  1. Yes, the venture is all about discovering Virago authors :) Glad that I provided the impetus for you to complete your reading of the Carter VMCs.

    "The Smile of Winter" is a beautiful short story albeit quite oblique.

  2. Thank you Verity for posting on this one - it sounds brilliant and I am a big Angela Carter fan.