Thursday, 5 November 2009

The wind changes (Manning) 302

The wind changes has been sitting on my VMC TBR for quite a while, so with less acquisitions coming in it was definitely time to give it a go. I had never read any Manning before this year - I was aware of her as the author of The Balkan Trilogy (not published as a VMC), but this has never hugely appealed. However, I read, and greatly enjoyed both of Manning's other VMCs, The play room and The Doves of Venus, as you found out from yesterday's post so I thought I should read The wind changes.

This is a book about a week in the life of three people in Dublin in 1921, following the Easter Rising. Riordan, an exiled leader of a group of Catholics is about to return, and Sean, Arion and Elizabeth await this event and form a "non-love" triangle. Elizabeth is a lonely painter who finds herself torn between Sean, a young Irish patriot and Arion, a pro Republican middle aged English novelist.

This was Manning's first novel but I'm afraid that I did not enjoy it as much as the other two which I had read.

Just the one VMC cover above (does anyone find the use of portraits of women to be getting a little repetitive?)


  1. This is on my shelf but it isn't calling me. I like the portraits - and it's easy to forget now how innovative the VMC covers were in there day - but I don't think this is a good one.

  2. It didn't "call" me either, which was strange as I had enjoyed her other two titles so much.