Saturday, 21 November 2009

Some titles on loan

As you all know, I have given up book-buying for 6 months (and dare I say, I'm doing rather well). of course this is helped immensely by the library, gifts from publishers, and items on loan from friends. Simon from Stuck-in-a-book, has lent me a clutch of lovely VMCs which will be featuring on my blog over the next month (because 1. I don't really have any space to keep them and 2. It would be churlish and ungrateful not to read them as soon as possible and 3. They are all titles that I'm keen to read).

Simon has kindly lent me:
Tea at four o'clock (Janet McNeill)
Sleepless nights (Elizabeth Hardwick)
A touch of mistletoe (Comyns)
The skin chairs (Comyns)
Hunt the slipper (Violet Trefusis)

As you can see they are all in lovely original green editions, so this is a real treat - thanks Simon!


  1. How lovely! I have 3/5 of those titles and, of course, have read none of them. I am one of these churlish and ungrateful people who become so stressed with their TBR pile, owned or borrowed.

  2. I get so guilty with books that I have been given/loaned that I have to read them first!