Saturday, 10 October 2009

This week's acquistions

I don't know if anyone else has been frustrated by Royal Mail recently, but I am getting really fed up at the moment. It seems to be taking forever for my internet purchases to arrive. I was lucky with one marketplace purchase recently; the seller lives in the same city as me and got her husband to drop it off the same day that I had bought it!

I've read 4 of these this week (and one which I'd already read!) - blog posts to follow - so I feel I'm doing well with my purchase/reading ratio...

This week's arrivals are:
Saraband (Bliss) - read about this online
A compass error (Bedford) - ditto
The ha-ha (Dawson) - written about here
Family history (Sackville-West) - this was a kind gift from Stuck-in-a-book who had accidentally acquired two copies.
A lifted veil (Eliot) - came home with this from Oxfam; it was a slim volume, and I've not read any Eliot yet.
Diary of a provincial lady - I wrote about this a little while ago, and couldn't resist buying myself the hardback when I spotted it in Oxfam.*

* Ok, I have to come clean here...if you haven't read my confession on my other blog, then I am forced to admit to you that I bought two copies of Provincial...I'm too embarassed to write any more about it here.

I've also been buying Virago Daphne Du Mauriers to complete my collection...these have been trickling in, but I shall show you them next week, by which time I hope that they have all arrived!


  1. I always forget the books that I've ordered online, so it's a nice surprise when they eventually turn up...

  2. The RM strikes are becoming ridiculous although I haven't been buying online so can't really complain...

  3. I have two 'Diaries' too. The Cath Kidson one and one in an omnibus edition. Okay, I did buy the omnibus in order to get several other 'Diaries' but even so. And that hardback is *so* worth having. :-)

  4. I was expecting a few books to have shown up in my mailbox by now and suspect they're in an ever-growing pile somewhere.