Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Film : The getting of wisdom

Just a brief mention today that I watched the film of The getting of wisdom last week. It's not available except as an Australian import, but one of my colleagues kindly bought it for the college collection.

I loved the book when I read it back in August, and would definitely highlight it as one of my Virago Modern Classic must-reads so I was very excited to be able to watch the film.

I thought the adaption was extremely well done and that Susannah Fowle made an excellent Laura. I loved the music used in the film; Laura's piano playing, the brass band, and the singing in the church all really added to the adaption.

I intend to watch films of VMCs as I encounter them; there are a number of them out there (apart from the obvious numerous Jane Austen adaptions) but often they are difficult to get hold of. The librarything group has started to put together a list, and I hope to make my own list at some point during my venture.

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  1. Looking forward to encountering the film adaptation reviews - that's a venture in itself! There are some great ones already on the list that I would love to see myself.