Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The tortoise and the hare (Jenkins) 100

As my challenge is to read every VMC and write about them, it is a little difficult to know how to deal with VMCs that I read before starting on the challenge, so I think linking to other people's reviews, and then sharing pictures of the different covers may be one way of tackling this...

Rachel at Book Snob has written a wonderful review of this title here today, and as I have read it previously, I am going to cheat a little today, and give you a link to the review here. Thank you Rachel - I hope you don't mind (for those of you who don't read her blog, then I would warmly recommend it as Rachel often writes about VMCs and is an excellent reviewer) I was reminded by Rachel's review how much I enjoyed this book and was quite disappointed to see that she hasn't written any other VMCs.

Here are the covers - it has been issued three times, and I read the most recent edition.


  1. Another Virago to add to the wishlist, of course. The problem with linking to Rachel's lovely review is that reminds me how much I want a copy of the book! Hee.

  2. Verity you are far too kind! Of course I don't mind!

    Frankly none of these covers really sum up this book at all; I wonder why they were chosen!

  3. I like the pictures that they've used, certainly for the top two anyway (not sure about the chick lit version) but you're right, they're not exactly apt!

  4. I agree with Rachel, none of the covers really fit the book! One of my favourite Viragos. I really enjoyed this and wish she had more books available.

  5. It's heartening to see those two green covers, as I had only seen the purple one and it looked too chick litty to me, even though I wanted to read it.

    I've read Rachel's review and it's made me want to pick it up no matter the cover!