Sunday, 16 January 2011

Welcome Strangers

Hot on the heels of reading the first two volumes of Mary Hocking's trilogy, comes the third book, Welcome Strangers, which I read almost as soon as it turned up from Amazon. I'm glad that I didn't resist buying it as it was kind of nice to be able to read the whole trilogy in pretty much one go. I found this one different in tone to the other volumes. The war has now ended and people have returned home and are trying to rebuild their lives. The eldest and youngest sisters Claire and Louise have their families, but Alice is trying to work out what she really wants to do after being a Wren. Her mother has remarried after her father's death, and the novel centres much more on Alice, who I found the most interesting character in the earlier books. The book also has much more happening in it with quite an exciting set of events towards the end. I don't have the book with me at the moment which is why I can't write a better review - but I would highly recommend this trilogy of books and have ordered some more books (sadly not Viragoes) by Mary Hocking from the library store to read.


  1. I've never come across Mary Hocking before, but your review has definitely made me want to read this trilogy. It's always exciting to find a new author and begin the journey through their work! Thanks!

  2. I want to read this trilogy now. I'm putting it on my wishlist ready for when I come home in 8 months time. Already thinking ahead!

    I love the portraits on this trilogy - does it say who they are of?