Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A gift of Jane Austen

More apologies for being so bad at keeping this blog up to date, which is completely unacceptable when readers are sending me their duplicates! I recieved a couple of weeks ago now, these two lovely Jane Austen Virago Modern Classics from LE at Pots and Pens (a lovely blog linking cooking to books). I was particularly excited, as I wrote about these early on in my VMC challenge as I had read them long ago, in other editions, but I'd never actually seen the green versions. They're a little different to other recognisable VMCs, but how nice to own Jane Austen Virago style.

I shall endeavour to catch up with the two reviews I have to do - I'm struggling a little bit as my work computer where the only up to date copy of my VMC master spreadsheet was saved caught a virus ten days ago, my profile had to be rebuilt and I lost EVERYTHING that was saved to my desktop and not in a network file. Thank goodness I've been tagging the blog posts so when I have a little free time, I may be able to resurrect it. Here's hoping.


  1. glad to see you back and I'm glad you like the austens! I'm so sorry to hear about your computer, it sounds like a nightmare. I'm going to start reading more of my vmcs for my own blog hopefully soon. If I mention one you havn't got just drop me a line and I'll be happy to lend them to you :)

  2. The great news is that IT managed to restore that file and the spreadsheet containing the list of books that I've read since 2003. Hurrah!